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Theme Solutions provides specialised services to the education sector, using ICT to deliver powerful and pleasing solutions for learning and communications. Established through the teaming of a long-standing education leader, most recently an executive director with the Western Australian Department of Education, and an information systems strategist with over a decade of experience working exclusively in education-based roles, we deliver what other solutions providers cannot — understanding. We understand learning and learning organisations, and can deliver solutions that meet your organisation’s needs.

"Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve."
-Karl Popper


Our specialist personnel provide advice on ICT systems to support you in meeting your organisation’s goals, including decisions on: hardware and software solutions; licensing and integration; social media, communications and collaboration strategies; whole-of-organisation software systems and strategies; and teaching and learning solutions Read more

Software solutions

We develop, integrate and customise software solutions, including: bespoke software development; websites; and integration and customisation of industry-standard software for organisational and learning management. Read more

Content development

We develop digital content to support learning and communications. Solutions range from stand-alone materials to highly interactive digital content blending text, vision and animations delivered across a range of platforms and media. We develop content to support: K-12 school courses; staff training and professional development; and communications and community engagement. Read more

Select your service

Theme Solutions draws on a range of specialist consultants and contractors, depending on the services required. These include: software and web developers, (Drupal, PHP, .Net C# and Java); graphic designers and desktop publishers; animators; vision directors and producers; and educators and content specialists across K-12 school education, training and tertiary. Read more